His Best Friend

Falling for him could ruin everything.

We had everything, the kind of love that only exists in fairy tales. Our love was stronger than the homes my husband builds until the walls of our marriage began crumbling around us. Slowly, everything began slipping away.

When the weight of everything came crashing down on me, Harley was there. I found solace in his crisp blue eyes that mirrored calm ocean waves, the kind that could wash away the sadness in my marriage. 

Falling for his best friend is dangerous, it could ruin things. We’re risking everything: our friendship, their friendship, and my husband’s trust. Even with the possibility of broken hearts all the way around, I can’t seem to stop. 

I love both of them. 

Could this all end badly or could this be the beginning of something new?

Please note that this book does contain some cheating.