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Are you new to my work and would like to try one of my books? Or are you looking for a book that you may not have read yet because it's not available anywhere else? Well, I've got some free books for you to download and you can start reading them right now! Charge your device and click below so you can get started. Check back frequently as I may periodically add new titles.

No Regrets

A Full-Length Contemporary Romance

Her brother told me to stay away from her. Her brother can go fuck himself!

I'm a firefighter. When it comes to doing my job, I'm the best around.

Am I cocky? You're damn right.

Wild? I was. I've tried to clean up my act. Was doing a pretty damn good job of it too until I ran into Stephanie Frost after all these years. The heat from fires don't compare to what I feel when she's near me.

Her brother's a troublemaker who's been in and out of prison. He's even told me that he'll kill me if I don't stay away from his sister. He'd be pissed if he knew she's been squirming underneath me every single night.

Now that I've got a second chance, I'm not giving her up this time.

No Regrets is a 50,000-word standalone bad boy romance novel with no cliffhangers. Happily ever after? Only one way to find out!

Convict Blood Prequel

The Prequel to Convict Blood: A Novel

All I wanted to do was help my family but now I've ruined everything. My husband tried to warn me, he told me what would happen; yet, somehow I managed to drag him down right along with me. The worst part is this is only the beginning and I've started something I can't finish. What I thought would bring us together will only rip us apart. 

This novella is the prequel to the complete novel, Convict Blood. It is not necessary to read before starting the full novel but it explains more of the backstory.