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Special Features

Special Features

Vivian Ward is an Amazon bestselling author who has been featured in author interviews and is proud of her accomplishments in her writing career. The Special Features page is dedicated to showcasing her success and accomplishments as she continues to follow her passion and is updated regularly. If you’re interested in doing an author interview with Vivian, please use the form on the Contact Page.

Author Interviews

specialPatrice, the owner of Musings of a Romance Junkie blog, featured Vivian Ward in February of 2016 in a special “Meet the Author” interview. Vivian enjoyed conversing with Patrice and said she is an absolutely hilarious woman to speak to and that there’s never a dull moment. This was the first-ever author interview that Vivian has ever done and thought it was so much fun.

Musings of a Romance Junkie blog is not for the faint of heart and Patrice isn’t afraid to say exactly what she thinks. This is a quality that Vivian loves and wishes more people were like this.

If you’re interested in following Patrice’s blog, you can do so by visiting her website¬†and getting to know her better.

Other Special Features

While Vivian is always striving to raise the bar in her writing career, she’s extremely proud of her special accomplishments thus far. As a woman who loves to read and write, she has earned two bestseller tags on Amazon for two different books. She hopes to earn more in the future which will be added to this page.

specialThe Baby Is Mine¬†was Vivian Ward’s first successful hit. Not only did it earn her a bestseller tag on Amazon, but she also accredits this book to much of her successful fan base. This is the book that “did it” for her and began to open doors. She met so many fans and made so many new friends. Vivian thanks every person who has read and left a review for this book.

This book debuted in December of 2015 and is one the most controversial books that Vivian has ever written. In this book, the hero is searching for a delegate to carry his (dead wife’s) baby. He lost his wife due to cancer but before she passed away, she had her eggs extracted in case he ever wanted to have children.

When he finally finds his surrogate, our black heroine, he thinks he’s finally going to get the child he and his wife had always wanted but the book takes a shocking turn when the baby is born black. Expecting a white baby, our hero thinks he’s been duped and taken for a ride but the heroine did nothing wrong, so how was the baby born black?

And who gets to keep the baby? Read this book for free with Kindle Unlimited to find the answers to these questions and so many more.

specialStatus: It’s Complicated¬†is a bad boy romance with a twist. Not only is our hero a bad boy, but there’s also a secret baby that the heroine never told him they created together. This romance novel also earned Vivian a bestseller tag in June of 2016 when she released it on Amazon.

The book starts out with the H/h hooking up in a hot and heavy sex scene that neither of them should have been partaking in. It isn’t until a short time later that the hero decides Millington isn’t the place for him to be since he has a bad name there. Moving out to the coast, he picks up a job working private security until his job leads him back home where our heroine lives with her best-kept secret: baby Bentley.

She has to go to great lengths to keep their baby a secret from him because she’s afraid of how angry he’ll be when he finds out about the son he never learned of before he left, but it doesn’t take long for everything to unravel.

Now, the hero is forced to protect the woman he loves (and hates briefly), along with their son from unknown terrorists who threaten all of their lives.



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