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What is Postcron?

Postcron is a tool that will simplify your life. If you manage a group or a page on Facebook and/or Twitter, this program will make your life a lot simpler. You can schedule posts for a variety of groups, pages or accounts all from one simple login and never have to worry about forgetting to post things that are important for your audience. This is especially useful if you’re bogged down with work or you have a lot to manage, or even if you’re just away from home.

There are two versions of Postcron. There’s free and there’s paid. The free version will allow you to schedule up to 10 posts at a time. The paid version allows you to schedule thousands of posts at a time. I’d recommend using the free version, at least for a few days so you can really see what benefits it has to offer you and how it simplifies your life. Once you get used to scheduling your posts, your life will become much simpler.

Postcron allows you to schedule posts for a variety of platforms such as groups, pages and events on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, GooglePlus, and more. Like I said, this tool is extremely useful and anyone can use them. You don’t need a business license or anything like that, so even if you’re just the average Joe who likes to crochet or post about a brand new business that you haven’t quite lifted off the ground, Postcron is for you.

If you’re a medium or large-sized business, Postcron is DEFINITELY for you. There’s nothing simpler than sitting down to spend an hour scheduling posts for the whole week across multiple platforms of social media. This will not only help with branding, but it will improve your interactions with your audience and gain new attention or interest in your product or service.

Why I Use Postcron

A friend of mine, a PA we all love and adore, suggested that I use Postcron one day while we were chatting. I was complaining how time-consuming (and distracting!) it is to stop what I’m doing to log into Facebook every couple of hours to post while I’m busy writing or trying to take care of my family. Yes, I do have a life–believe it or not! LOL

She told me about Postcron and explained how you can schedule group and page posts for FB and Twitter (those are the two forms of social media that I use the most). Intrigued by her recommendation, I went to and signed up for a free account to try it out to see if I liked it or not.

I can honestly say that I really like Postcron. I did try their competitor (who shall remain nameless but we all know this company) and was NOT impressed with their platform. Postcron makes it easy to use and easy to edit, schedule, reschedule, etc.

How You Use It

Scheduling posts are super easy. I think they designed this to be completely idiot-proof because it has such a simple interface.

  • One-Click “Login Using Facebook” (Must be signed into your account(s) when you do this)
  • Add your groups, pages, and/or accounts (Instagram, FB, Twitter, Pinterest, GooglePlus, etc)
  • Click on the desired group/page/account that you’d like to work on. You can select one or all because Postcron allows you to customize what you post for each page or group you’re posting to so you never “have to” post the same thing across all platforms but you can if you choose to; otherwise, you can post a different post on each page to customize your interactions since different people use different platforms.
  • Write up your post and/or attach any memes or pictures that correspond with the message you’re trying to communicate to your audience.
  • Schedule a time that you’d like it to post. One important thing to note is that Postcron is smart and it will post things in YOUR time zone (it pulls the location information from your profile(s)). So if you’re supposed to post in Eastern Time, and you live in Central, you’ll need to make the time adjustment accordingly.
  • Click Close.
  • Move onto the next form of social media if you’d like by selecting a different icon on the top left corner of your account.
  • Lather, rinse and repeat.

*If you selected to work in all of them at the same time (i.e. FB, Twitter, IG, GooglePlus, and Pinterest), all of your posts are now scheduled and you are done for the day/week/month. And that’s the beauty of Postcron! You can schedule for a whole day, week or month. It’s completely up to you.


So, what do all of these lovely benefits, features and time-saving tools cost? Next to nothing when you think about how much time you’re saving! If you’re a business person, you know that time is money. I would much rather spend my time writing than posting on Facebook because I don’t get paid to post on Facebook, but I do love interacting with my readers.

I use Postcron to make all my posts so that when I do go on social media, I can focus on interacting with my readers instead of finding things to post and that is well worth the $12 and some change that it costs each month. Yep, about .50¢ per day is what it costs. Totally worth it! Here is their pricing:



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When You Subscribe to the Vivian Ward Romance Newsletter