Wednesday, 15 Aug 2018

Author Interview With Drew Sera

Want to know more about Drew Sera?

Drew Sera is a romance author, and if you know her as well as I do, then you know that she’s a sweetheart. She agreed to do an author interview with me so that her readers could learn more about her. Check it out our Q&A below.

Drew Sera

Q:Are you married, single or spoken for?

A: Spoken For.

Q: What is your favorite book, movie and/or TV show?

A: Sadly, I don’t get to read much or watch TV. But some of my favorite books are the Harry Potter books. As far as TV goes, I’m a huge football fan, so in the fall football rules our TV. And I have a soft spot for Archer (“Sploosh”).

Q: What do you do in your free time?

A: Free time? Well, I’ve given up on trying to figure out how I can add another 18-20 hours in a day. Writing is such a passion that I consider it something that I “go to.”

Q: How do you come up with your story ideas?

A: Some of them I’ve had kicking around in my mind for a while and I’ve spent some time developing them carefully. Others just pop on on whims.

Q: What is something you have to do or have while writing?

A: My phone and a notebook. Often while I’m out and about, or a mobile unit, I rely on my phone to house notes and ideas. Then while I write at home I utilize a notebook to make a rough outline.

Q: Which book was most difficult to write? Why?

A: Alone was the most difficult to write because it was a very dramatic and traumatic book from multiple character’s POV. So I had to bounce back and forth a lot and get into each of their mindsets. It was quite draining emotionally when I was done with that book.

Q: Do you like it when readers message you after reading your book?

A: Absolutely! I love reader feedback and love chatting with readers about my books.

Q: What type of program do you use to write your books in?

A: Ok, I’m going to admit something…I write a lot on my iPhone. I use a program called Pages. So when I write on my phone while I’m on the go or traveling, when I get home, it’s already updated and transferred to my MacBook. I love Pages!

Q: Do you have any upcoming conventions or signings if we want to meet you and/or get signed books?

A: Oh yes! I’m just finalizing a few events but I can confirm that I will be active at two events in Southern California during April and most likely on the east coast this summer.

Q: Do you offer signed paperbacks to your readers? If so, how can they obtain them?

A: My website offers signed paperbacks for purchase.

Q: What’s in store for 2018 in regards to your writing?

A: Well, I have a lot scheduled for 2018. I’ll be continuing with the Inferno Series that I’m co-writing with Ashton Blackthorne. I’ll also be working on three books for my Irons Series.

Q: Who is another author that you look to for inspiration or would like to be mentored by?

A: Am being mentored by Ashton Blackthorne and it’s a fantastic experience.

Q: Please list your follow links where readers can find more information about you and your work?

A: Facebook

Q: Anything else you’d like to add?

A: I’d love to have anyone who might be interested in my work to join my Facebook group, Drew’s Crew

Hopefully, you were able to learn a bit about Drew Sera. If you haven’t read her latest books, you can find her work on Amazon at:



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