Wednesday, 15 Aug 2018

A Special Group Project With My Closest Friends!

For the last couple of months, a group of some of my closest friends and I have been collaborating on a special project! My girl, Frankie Love, came up with the idea and, naturally, we all fell in love with it. We’re happy to introduce you to The Cocktail Girls!

It’s time to get drunk on love! Which drink will you have first?

What is it?

The Cocktail Girls is a series or collection of stories (novella sized). All of our stories take place in the Millennium Hotel, inside the LBD (Little Black Dress) bar. Get ready to visit the hottest place in Sin City because that’s where you can find our characters. Each of the girls are, you guessed it, cocktail waitresses who work in the club. These are all steamy novellas and you’ll get to find out how each one of them finds their HEA with these irresistible men!

When does it come out?

We will release about a book a day, sometimes two books per day, over the course of approximately two weeks. This is to avoid readers from being overwhelmed with 14 books hitting them at once and since they’re quick reads, you’ll be able to follow along with each of the stories. The first book releases on May 31st. Here’s the order in which everyone will attentively release his/her book:

May 31: Frankie Love
June 2: Kim Loraine
June 3: Dori Lavelle
June 6: Angel Devlin
June 11: Derek Masters
June 12: Vivian Ward
June 13: Alexx Andria

How will you know which book to read to read first?

While each story is in a shared world, they are all standalone novellas. You may see some character crossover from book to book but you can read them in any order you’d like. There are no spoilers!

What else do you need to know about The Cocktail Girls?

First of all, we have a marvelous website where you can meet our waitresses and see our drink menu! There’s also a Facebook page where you can check out all of the latest news about the cocktail girls and, of course, there’s also a Twitter and Instagram. There’s also a special lounge where you can come hang out with all of the authors and plenty of readers. You can even try your luck at winning some monthly “Lounge Loot”.

Let me tell you about His Redheaded Slut!

Now, because Amazon is a prude, I have to put an asterisk in the word “slut” otherwise they’ll throw me in the dungeon. So, when you search it, you’ll have to search “His Redheaded Sl*t” or you can look at my author central page. I’ll do an official blog post for the release but here’s a sneak peek!

His Redheaded Slut is about a billionaire who doesn’t take no for an answer and a very seductive, sassy cocktail waitress. But what happens when he meets a fiery redhead who challenges him at every turn? Well, he puts her over his knee of course!

There’s lots of flirting, dirty talk, and obviously some very hot scenes that will probably melt your Kindle so read at your own risk! It’s true Vivian Ward style so you know it has LOTS of 🔥🔥🔥! If you want the blurb and teasers, you’ll have to follow me on FB or join my newsletter, or wait for the book to come out. 


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When You Subscribe to the Vivian Ward Romance Newsletter